mvprojekte designs exhibitions in public spaces, in museums, art collections, art and fairgrounds, for cultural projects and off spaces. We advice, develope and design. Our subject is the display, meaning all spatially and visually effective elements that are necessary to intentionally relate the exhibit to the visitor.

We would like to invite you to a short foray into an exemplary selection of our work of the last 15 years. As much individual and different the exhibitions we supervised might be regarding its design, its meaning and its message, they’re always open to the visitors very own view and constellation. In our work, we focus on the viewer as a lone ‘acteur’ between other visitors. He is a ‘visitor in motion’, not experiencing the exhibition in a static way but on his move through the space. The ‘images of an exhibition’ encounter the visitors in a dynamic way, constantly shifting spatiotemporally the perception. By rethinking and developing this space and its parameters with each exhibition, we provide the necessary elements for designing time.

Exhibition halls, art spaces and museums are open to everybody. They are public spaces embedded in the urban tissue. At the same time, they are privileged venues, offering the difference of an experience to us, which is intrinsic to the encounter of the artefact and the viewer. They give reflection a stage and touch on various emotional levels. As discursive, experimental set-ups, they debate cultural and social propositions and practices, that visitors are exposed to.

The artefact – as the content of an exhibition – is always a critical cause, a ‘subject in dispute’. Exhibitions result from complex procedures and negotiations, which foster their realisation and where artefacts, scientists, curators and viewers start to interact. To make this unique relation in each case transparent, readable, discursive and negotiable, is the constructive challenge of exhibition design, too.